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ZEISS on your spectacle lens

The engraving – your guarantee, our promise

16. October 2021
  • ZEISS on your spectacle lens

You expect to find a logo on your spectacle frames. After all, you've decided on a particular design from a specific brand. This is no different when purchasing lenses, making the ZEISS engraving an absolute must on every one of our precision lenses. And for you, it is your guarantee that you have ZEISS lenses in front of your eyes.

The ZEISS brand mark immediately tells you that your glasses feature ZEISS lenses, providing your eyes with a one-of-a-kind visual experience. Our goal is to ensure you have optimum vision – every moment of every day – so that you can enjoy everything life has to offer. We uphold this promise through our unique know-how in different fields of optics, our research work and our passion for clear vision. Our trademark, our promise of quality, on your ZEISS precision lens combines all these different factors.

But don't worry: the ZEISS brand mark is just intended for you and the person you're looking at, it is inconspicuous, but still visible in certain light and, most importantly, it won't impair your vision. The laser used for engraving the brand mark on your lens is operated at a wavelength that only allows a very slight penetrative depth. You can't even feel it on the surface of the lens.

I do not see the ZEISS engraving on my lenses. How do I know if I got real ZEISS lenses?

You will find the ZEISS engraving on the ZEISS lenses.

In exceptional cases, when the lens is being inserted into the frames, the Z engraving is no longer perpendicular due to the individualisation of your lenses during manufacture or because part of the lens has been removed to fit them into your selected frames. If this is the case, please ask your ZEISS optician for the ZEISS certificate to guarantee that your lenses feature proven ZEISS quality.

Before they leave our production facility, ZEISS lenses are subjected to a particularly stringent inspection process which meets special ZEISS standards. That is why a ZEISS branded lens deserves its own name and a recognizable symbol for you as a patient and for your optician.

The inconspicuous ZEISS laser engraving on your branded lenses guarantees you optimum comfortable vision.

Three cutting-edge technologies enable top-quality lenses

ZEISS engraving on lenses
  • Special in-house filter technologies ensure the purity of raw materials
  • Extremely stringent quality control guarantees product excellence
  • Innovative anti-reflective coating technologies provide optimum light transmission
  • For spectacle lenses, there are legal minimum requirements denoted by the CE mark. ZEISS lenses are certified as per DIN EN ISO 9001/2015. This certification goes far beyond the legal minimum requirements and encompasses high quality standards for the product as well as particularly stringent requirements for qualifying employees who produce your branded lenses
  • ZEISS guarantees that the quality of the optical image has priority over all other product criteria. The primary goal for ZEISS is to ensure that you enjoy perfect vision
  • The internal test specifications go far beyond the requirements stipulated by the standards
  • ZEISS ensures that ZEISS lenses are fitted exclusively by qualified opticians in order to ensure consistent quality right across the board
  • ZEISS lenses are also available for special prescription lens powers. These are available from ZEISS with many different tints and coatings
  • In order to offer an individualised lens optimised for your needs, the ZEISS lens portfolio is diverse and well-rounded.

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