Universal hybrid measuring station


The highly precise dual probe enables roughness and contour measurements in one run.

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Roughness and contour – both can be measured with the SURFCOM NEX 100 in one run. The dual sensor technology of the machine combines the benefits of two measuring systems into a single sensor. The nanometer, high-resolution inductive measuring system is optimal for capturing surface parameters. The glass scale is responsible for measuring the contour. With the SURFCOM NEX 100, complex workpieces can also be measured in one measuring run without the typical manual sensor change-out. The SURFCOM NEX 100 covers a large measuring range in a single run with good resolution. The non-contact, low-vibration linear drive with a high measuring speed ensures additional efficiency.

  • Measure roughness and contour in a single measuring run without changing out the sensor
  • Increased measuring productivity and accuracy thanks to high-resolution dual sensor technology
  • Up to seven times faster thanks to the patented non-contact linear drive with low vibrations
  • High straightness accuracy of (0,05 + L/1.000) µm
  • Higher productivity thanks to fully automated measurements with optical positioning and rotary axes round off the CNC workstation
  • Optional topography measurements (optical or contact)
  • Upgradeable sensors thanks to the SURFCOM NEX modular system
  • ACCTee PRO software included for analyzing contour and roughness profiles
  • Base: solid and attractively-priced FX version with integrated, active vibration damping, a DX version suitable for production or comprehensive SD desk furniture

The SURFCOM NEX 100 is intended for measuring rails, nozzles, injectors, punching tools, hydraulic components, ball screws, medical instruments and implants, ground parts, tools. The SURFCOM NEX 100 is also ideal for precision parts in the mechanical engineering, tool-making, plastics technology, ceramic technology, medical technology and automotive industries.