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A wide range of imaging, analytic and metrology tools are needed to enable battery research and quality control in production of batteries. ZEISS produces light, electron, x-ray-microscopy and computer tomography (CT) systems, as well as coordinate measuring machines to assess and correlate structural, compositional, electrical and dimensional characteristics across the relevant lengths scales. ZEISS thus helps to provide the relevant data to enable battery safety and performance for New Energy Vehicles.

Why is battery quality management in production so important?

Batteries play a key role, especially in new energy vehicles. They are responsible for the range, performance and longevity of the car. However, these factors are not only decisive for the future owner of the electric car, but also for the manufacturer. Safety, durability, performance and cost are crucial to the success of battery technologies.

To produce efficient, reliable batteries that last, it is necessary to use top-quality materials and precise production techniques. Quality criteria range from selecting the best possible materials – including Lithium compounds, anode and cathode materials and separator foils – to control critical steps during the electrode manufacturing process. Understanding the microstructure and possible sources of contamination is key. It is also essential to build cells, modules and trays within very tight tolerances during final assembly. This is the way to ensure the quality management in battery production in the long term.

Quality management in battery development & production

In order to produce batteries of the highest quality, high-quality materials are particularly important. This is because frequent charging and discharging of the battery results in both chemical and structural changes to the electrode materials, such as copper, aluminum and separator foils. With ZEISS electron microscopy, the electrical properties of the batteries can be recorded and continuously improved through quality management in battery production.

In addition to the battery itself, the battery tray is also an important component of the powertrain of a new energy vehicle. There, the tray usually consists of a complex welded aluminum profile. In particular, the size of the battery tray and thus the large number dimensional requirements, such as form and position tolerances, pose challenges for the measurement cycles. And since it is a safety-critical component, 100 % testing is required in most cases. ZEISS has a wealth of experience in inspecting battery trays. For example ZEISS CALENO T horizontal-arm coordinate measuring machine with ZEISS EagleEye laser scanner or ATOS ScanBox is often used for this purpose.

To learn more about materials, battery cell with electrodes, modules with cell and battery tray, click here for a deeper dive into the various aspects of quality management in battery production and development.


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