High-precision contour measuring station


CNC measuring station with increased accuracy and automated probing force configuration

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The SURFCOM NEX 040 is a high-precision contour measuring station with a measuring error in the Z axis of only ± (0.8 + [2H]/100) µm. Contour measuring jobs requiring the greatest accuracy and highest precision can be performed effectively. 

The measuring productivity of the SURFCOM NEX 040 is further increased by a non-contact magnetic linear drive which, unlike standard spindle drives, works more quickly and produces no vibrations. The SURFCOM NEX 040 further impresses by being future-proof thanks to possible subsequent refitting or upgrades: a roughness sensor, a package for 3D tomography measuring jobs or a white light sensor can be added to the machine on-site at any time – all as requested. The SURFCOM NEX 040 is available with three different column heights and the measuring table comes in two different sizes and is made of stable granite.

  • CNC contour measuring station with increased accuracy in the Z axis
  • Automatic probing force configuration in the range of 2 to 30 mm
  • Up to seven times faster thanks to the patented non-contact linear drive
  • Subsequent upgrades possible (optical and contact)
  • Higher productivity with fully automated measurements with optical positioning and rotary axes round off the CNC workstation
  • Optional topography measurements (optical or contact)
  • Optional swiveling tracer driver
  • Standard styli up to 529 mm – for measurements on deep features
  • Base: solid, space-saving and attractively-priced FX version with integrated, active vibration damping, a DX version suitable for production or comprehensive SD desk furniture
  • Granite measuring table available in different sizes

With the SURFCOM NEX 040, tiny radii, bevels, angles, cut-ins and length tolerances can be measured competently as well as highly precise contours such as ballscrews and normals. The flexible CNC measuring station enables problem-free contour measurements with increased accuracy and features automated probing force configuration and collision protection.