Excellent rotational accuracy


Fast automated alignment and a rotary table on air bearings impress with their precision and efficiency.

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A rotational accuracy of 10 nanometers makes the trend-setting RONDCOM 65 B form tester the best in its class. The system positions workpieces fully automatically in less than a minute. The R, Z and rotary axes of the RONDCOM 65 B are equipped with ultra-precise air bearings, enabling the outstanding measurement of the smallest tolerances. Using granite for the base, columns and the R axis makes the machine durable and stable. The RONDCOM 65 B features an incremental glass scale in the R axial direction, and the thermal and vibration insulated table ensures excellent measuring stability. The optional patented CNC offset stylus mount of the RONDCOM 65 B measures difficult-to-reach components, even below the R axis, and enables deep insertion with the standard stylus.

  • Universal form tester with an excellent rotational accuracy of 10 nanometers
  • Higher throughput thanks to automatic alignment in less than one minute
  • Base, Z and R axes made of granite, making the system extremely stable and durable
  • Table is thermally insulated and actively insulated against vibrations, ensuring excellent measurement stability
  • Precision air bearings in all axes
  • Ultra-precise, wear-free rotary table on air bearings
  • Large deflection range of ± 1,000 µm and a high-resolution IMR sensor of 2 nanometers
  • IMR sensor with safety function in all orientations for maximum protection of the stylus
  • Incremental glass scale for highly accurate measurements in the R axial direction

The RONDCOM 65 B is a universal form tester for the analysis of roughness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness error and radial runout. With a rotational error of just 10 nanometers, the RONDCOM 65 B is ideal for a wide range of precision parts with a maximum diameter of 420 mm and weighing up to 60 kg.