Software for surface, contour and form


For surface, contour and form measurements, there is one software that covers all of these: ACCTee PRO. A menu-guided user interface, automatic functions, wizards and help functions make it particularly easy for beginners and experts to use ACCTee PRO.

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One software, one report

ACCTee PRO software features a number of software tools for checking surface parameters, contours and form features. All data for a workpiece are entered into the same document: measurement data, measuring conditions, analysis conditions, the CNC measuring program and the report layout. This makes it possible to export all relevant measurement data and graphics, e.g. roughness and contour data, in one report.

Easy Mode

In Easy Mode, the software guides the user step-by-step through all the main steps of a measurement: from selecting measuring conditions and stylus calibration all the way through the measurement.

Expert Mode – offline programming

The Expert Mode allows users to generate CNC programs away from the machine. This increases machine capacity considerably.

Automatic feature evaluation (Al function)

ACCTee PRO automatically recognizes basic features – point, line and circle. Depending on the selected feature, the program also shows a pre-selection of appropriate analysis functions.

Help functions

ACCTee PRO also contains an integrated help function that offers both contextbased explanations as well as an index and key word search. Furthermore, the software features mouse-over help with short explanations.


In the event of an error, the software immediately provides the user with possible causes using images and short texts.

Playback function – CNC repeat measurement at the push of a button

ACCTee Pro offers time benefits of up to 40 % during the analysis because a repeat measurement can be initiated at the push of a button via the repeat function.

Simple re-evaluation

Re-evaluate without re-measuring: changes to the analysis settings and their impact are immediately visible (patented).

Easy plan/actual comparison

Measurement data and nominal profile (IGES and DXF) can be quickly compared using ACCTee PRO. The actual data are optimally aligned using the best fit set-up. An aspherical analysis function is available.

Patented edge function

Even when large part deviations in a serial measuring operation occur, the part is measured in the CNC operation. The real contour/edge is found and the real values are exported. False measurements, which occur with conventional methods, are not possible.

Tolerance analysis

ACCTee Pro can perform a tolerance analysis for individually selectable parameters. The results are shown as an OK/Not OK symbol in the report.

Export formats for statistical evaluation

Serial measurements can be exported and evaluated via the qs-STAT option or via Excel and CSV. ZEISS PiWeb offers comprehensive evaluation possibilities.

Standard functions

  • Thread analysis function: fast slope calculation at the push of a button
  • Fourier analysis
  • Result exported in Excel format
  • Configurable calibration alarms for greater reliability
  • Higher accuracy through patented calibration of the stylus tip geometry

Extension options

  • Dominant waviness  
  • Lead twist measurement
  • Measuring recirculating ball screw
  • Topography evaluation
  • Patented automatic roundness evaluation on gear wheels
  • Piston analysis
  • Asphere measurement
  • Thickness measurement

Graphic evaluation and documentation

Get a customized report quickly

With just a few clicks, you can generate a report in ACCTee PRO that meets your needs. Graphic and numerical displays can be combined meaningfully. Change the filter and analysis settings without re-measuring: the new report is immediately generated automatically. Furthermore, photos of parts and company logos can be easily added to the report.