Trust is good. Certainty is better. TEMPAR® from ZEISS

Consistent measuring lab certification

Coordinate measuring machines only reach their maximum precision if temperature, temperature gradients and air humidity are within certain limits. All-round monitoring of the measuring environment is child's play with ZEISS TEMPAR. This is because it measures and logs all the values which are relevant for precision without any action on your part.

How you benefit:
  • Overview of measuring room conditions
  • Recording of room temperature, airflow, air humidity and barometric pressure
  • Warning on the console if a value is not met
  • Historical documentation and display of courses
  • Link TEMPAR to PiWeb and, hence, match environmental values to measuring results

Comprehensive monitoring of your measuring environment


More than a data logger

ZEISS TEMPAR can do considerably more than a data logger, since it does not just display a single temperature. In fact the system automatically captures and records values necessary for precision. If these values are not met, ZEISS TEMPAR provides a warning on the console using a colorcoded error message and/or a signal lamp. This way you can be absolutely certain that your measuring results are reliable. 

Nine sensors in the room

A standard sensor network consists of nine temperature sensors. Two sensors are mounted at different heights in each corner of the room. The ninth sensor is located in the center as far as possible. With this, your measuring lab is in in accordance with VDI/VDE2627. 

Analyzes for error detection

You want to view the data in real time and also analyze it in retrospect? No problem. We offer various data exports which enable you to store the data safely and document the determined values. This helps you to analyze and remedy causes of errors, e.g. in the event of recurring fluctuations.

Connected with your measurement results

You can link ZEISS TEMPAR to the ZEISS PiWeb software. You can thereby match your temperature values to the measuring results and easily prove that your measurement has been performed correctly – for your peace of mind and that of your customers.

If a room value exceeds the permitted value, the dashboard informs you and marks the corresponding zones - the display turns orange.
Detailed view of a machine: If the average temperature rises above the permissible value, the dashboard informs you - the display turns orange.
If a sensor no longer supplies any values, the dashboard alerts the user - the display turns red.
Display of the measuring room class. If a value exceeds the permissible range, the measuring room class changes according to the classifications.
Display of data history. The history can be zoomed in to get a more detailed view.
Display of data history. Select the desired time period.
Configure your dashboard according to your individual needs.

The perfect temperature in your measurement lab

Good to know: the temperature in the measuring lab is normally 20°C. Temperature fluctuations can cause materials to expand or contract. The more precise a coordinate measuring machine needs to be, the more significant these temperature influences become. Therefore, the predefined settings for the measuring machine as well as for the measuring room classification should always be considered.

Monitoring of several measuring rooms

TEMPAR Cockpit

TEMPAR Cockpit enables you to monitor several measuring rooms at the same time, regardless of whether they are a few metres or thousands of kilometres apart. In this respect, data from all the measuring rooms is retrieved by the respective TEMPAR consoles and displayed on the dashboard customized to your requirements. All the relevant information of a location or even several locations can be pooled thereby. You can therefore see whether the measuring results of the individual measuring rooms are comparable with each other and also immediately see if any problems have occurred.

Solar powered and wireless

TEMPAR wireless

TEMPAR wireless offers the same functionality and advantages as TEMPAR. However, the sensors are no longer connected by cable, but transmit their data by radio to the console. Even a power cable is no longer necessary because the sensors are solar powered. This makes the sensors particularly flexible and easy to install.

TEMPAR packages

Tailor-made monitoring solutions

We make it easier for you to reach a decision with the TEMPAR packages. Simply select the package which meets your requirements. You thereby obtain just what you need to monitor your measuring room.

  • TEMPAR starter: The entry-level solution - if you want to develop a feeling for the environmental conditions. 
  • TEMPAR basic: The standard package - the basis for your reliability with nine temperature sensors and one humidity sensor. 
  • TEMPAR mobile: The mobile solution - for flexible applications, because attachment of the sensors to mobile stands makes you independent of a fixed location. 
  • TEMPAR precision: The precision solution - if you have higher requirements for the measuring uncertainty of the temperature sensors.

The packages can easily be extended at any time.

Our packages are not suitable for your application? You need an individual system? Then use the TEMPAR Configurator and we will help you to find the perfect TEMPAR for you.

Temperature monitoring in real time

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