Trust is good. Certainty is better. TEMPAR® from ZEISS

Temperature monitoring for your measurement environment

Coordinate measuring machines achieve their maximum precision only if temperature, temperature gradients and humidity are within certain limits. ZEISS TEMPAR turns this all-round monitoring of the measuring environment into child's play. Because the system creates a temperature profile for you that helps you to quickly and easily identify sources of error.

Your Benefits:
  • Overview of measuring room conditions
  • Verifiable measurement process through documentation and event logging
  • Improved production processes through reduced rework and repeat measurements

Comprehensive monitoring of your measuring environment

Coordinate measuring machines provide highly accurate and precise results - but only if temperature, temperature gradients and humidity are within the limits specified by the manufacturer. Operators should not rely on the air conditioning or their gut feeling.

The perfect temperature in your measurement lab

Good to know: the temperature in the measuring lab is normally 20°C. Temperature fluctuations can cause materials to expand or contract. The more precise a coordinate measuring machine needs to be, the more significant these temperature influences become. Therefore, the predefined settings for the measuring machine as well as for the measuring room classification should always be considered.

What leads to errors?

  • Heat sources like control cabinets or lighting systems
  • Air conditioning outlet in immediate proximity of the measuring device
  • Body temperature: increase in temperature when touched and fluctuations depending on the number of people present.
  • Temperature of the parts before measurement
  • Draught through open windows and doors
  • Computer
  • Solar radiation


ZEISS TEMPAR creates a spatial temperature profile for you. This allows you to quickly and easily identify possible sources of error. You can quickly see from the profile whether, for example, the outlet of the air conditioning system or an open window is responsible for the temperature exceeding the limit value.

Overview of measurement environment

  • Easy overview of the most important environmental information
  • Detect weaknesses in the measurement environment
  • Connectivity to other systems and global availability
  • Knowledge build-up about environmental influences on your measuring process

Verifiable measurement process

  • Documentation of environmental conditions according to VDI/VDE 2627
  • Event logging of warnings and errors
  • Checking stability of the environmental conditions
  • Minimize complaints through certified environmental condition

Improvement of production processes

  • Precise temperature information and high-quality measurements
  • Detect errors and exclude negative influences on the measurement result
  • Reduce rework and repeat measurements
  • Long-term monitoring through history values and detection of long-term changes

Even on my first metrology seminar, the lecturer already told us that temperature has the greatest influence on the measurement result. That's why it's very important for me at a personal level that we absolutely master this parameter.

 Marco Gravera, Head of Quality Assurance WITTENSTEIN


The right configuration for every application

Measurement tasks are performed in a wide variety of environments. The spatial quality as well as the measuring systems and applications themselves require certain accuracies for a precisely fitting monitoring. The portfolio is tailored to these different applications. In addition to the predefined standard packages, the system can be individually adapted to your needs.


Flexible application with highest accuracy.

The requirements on the accuracy of the sensors increase with the precision of the machine and the grade of the room. For this purpose, you can connect our TEMPAR® sensors, which have been specially designed and calibrated for the application, to the system device - by cable or by radio. The packages can be easily expanded at any time.



If you want to develop a feeling for the environmental conditions.


Identification of measures to optimize easily accessible premises. Adherence to a certain measuring room class of a room.


4 TEMPAR temperature sensors



Additional screen needed


by cable or radio (TEMPAR STARTER Wireless)

BASIC Package

The basis for your safety when it comes to environmental conditions


Permanent certification of a new measuring room. Compliance with the machine specification in medium-sized, easily accessible rooms.


9 TEMPAR temperature sensor + humidity sensor


Console with touch screen


by cable or radio (TEMPAR BASIC Wireless)


For higher demands on the accuracy of the sensors.


Ensuring a suitable environment for high-precision measuring machine.


9 TEMPAR temperature sensor PRECISION + humidity sensor


Console with touch screen


by cable or radio (TEMPAR PRECISION Wireless)

MOBILE Package

For flexible applications, because mounting on mobile stands frees you from fixed locations.


Adherence to the machine specification for separated parts of a production hall.


8 TEMPAR temperatur sensors + humidity sensor + 4 mobile sensor stands


Console with touch screen


by cable or radio (TEMPAR MOBILE Wireless)

Solar powered and wireless

TEMPAR wireless

TEMPAR wireless offers the same functionality and advantages as TEMPAR. However, the sensors are no longer connected by cable, but transmit their data by radio to the console. Even a power cable is no longer necessary because the sensors are solar powered. This makes the sensors particularly flexible and easy to install.

If a room value exceeds the permitted value, the dashboard informs you and marks the corresponding zones - the display turns orange.
Detailed view of a machine: If one of the specified values rises above the permissible value, the dashboard informs you - the display turns orange.
If a sensor no longer supplies any values, the dashboard alerts the user - the display turns red.
Display of the measuring room class. If a value exceeds the permissible range, the measuring room class changes according to the classifications.
Display of data history. The history can be zoomed in to get a more detailed view.
Display of data history. Select the desired time period.
Configure your dashboard according to your individual needs.

Temperature monitoring in real time

Measuring tip

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