Switching glasses is a thing of the past.

Self-tinting lenses
– a sophisticated, all-round talent

Imagine having one pair of glasses which meets all your vision needs while providing greater comfort in day-to-day life – that's what many spectacle wearers are looking for. Self-tinting lenses with ZEISS PhotoFusion Technology come very close to making your dream come true: they adapt to changing light, darken and clear up quickly and ensure comfortable vision. Enjoy clear vision around the clock and without any hassle or need to change your glasses. This makes them ideal for playing sports and traveling, as well as for people whose eyes are sensitive to light as well as children's eyes.

Of course self-tinting lenses with ZEISS PhotoFusion Technology offer full UV protection when exposed to UV light in all tint grades.


Rainy conditions, indoors/outdoors

Clear - rainy conditions, indoors/outdoors
Clear - indoor


outdoors/slightly cloudy

Medium outdoors/slightly cloudy
Medium - outdoor


In sunlight

Dark - in sunlight
Dark - in sunlight
ZEISS PhotoFusion.
More colour choices, same great performance.


ZEISS PhotoFusion. More colour choices, same great performance.
Grey Brown

The preferred colour of self-tinting lenses across the world.

Favored by many wearers for more lively colour perception.

With the appearance of the classic grey-green sunlens tint when activated.

Clear state min. absorption

Clear state min. absorption 

Clear state min. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

Dark state max. absorption 

ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses in Grey, Brown, and Pioneer are not suitable for driving in an open vehicle.
*Only available on ZEISS SmartLife portfolio

The secret of PhotoFusion

Untiring, photosensitive, molecules are at work here! The light-sensitive particles help the lens show off its unique talent: in sunlight, the surfaces of these photosensitive molecules increase, causing the lens to darken, and they do so more intensely depending on how strong the sun and UV radiation is. This way a suitable – and comfortable – tint intensity is achieved no matter how bright it is. Whenever you're inside or there's little UV radiation, the molecules 'fold' again and the lenses clear up, ensuring optimum vision indoors.

The basis for this transformation is a simple chemical reaction which was discovered back in the 1960s and has been continuously improved up through the present day. You can recognise the quality of self-tinting lenses by the speed at which the molecules act – and our molecules are fast: ZEISS PhotoFusion Lenses darken in just 15 to 30 seconds in bright light or sunshine; inside they clear again completely in 5 to 10 minutes.1

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