ZEISS Progressive SmartLife lenses

Simply our best all-day lenses.
For mature eyes. For modern life.

Mature man wearing ZEISS Progressive SmartLife glasses
  • Have trouble seeing clearly both near and far?
  • Are your ready readers or current varifocal glasses limiting your view?
  • Want tailor-made progressive glasses for sharp vision at any distance?

We get it

It can be tough to notice how your vision changes with age. But the culprit – presbyopia – is a normal part of life. SmartLife® lenses by ZEISS are packed with technology to tackle the issues often associated with varifocal glasses.

Three in one.

A pair of glasses

Oh, so smooth.

Progressive lenses require you to look through different zones to see short, intermediate and long distances.

ZEISS Progressive SmartLife lenses are designed for clear vision at all distances and a smooth transition across optimised viewing zones.1

Comfort – all the way to the edges

Thanks to Smart Dynamic Optics, a smoother transition into the lens periphery makes Progressive SmartLife® lenses a great fit for life on the move.1

Love at first sight.

New to progressives – or already wearing them? We're confident you’ll get used to your new SmartLife glasses in no time.

Woman with grey hair wearing white frame with ZEISS SmartLife Progressive lenses. Geometric face scan showing facial anatomy and frame measurements.

With FaceFit and FrameFit®+ technologies by ZEISS, we can customise your lens zones to the last detail. Enjoy the ultimate wearing comfort.

Made for
HOW you see

Made for
HOW you see

Animated Illustration of person moving her eyes and head, looking through different parts of her SmartLife glasses at smartphone and different distances in a 3D object space model, followed by hundreds of data light points forming the number 12.5

We studied how people move their heads and eyes, and where they look through their lenses

  • online

  • offline

  • at all distances

  • all day

ZEISS SmartView 2.0 technology uses these findings and adapted state-of-the-art 3D object-space models to enhance your vision.

12.5 million data points.

We can combine this massive amount of information about age-related visual behaviour with your personal, anatomical and physiological data thanks to ZEISS Intelligence Augmented Design technology.2 This makes our Progressive SmartLife Individual 3 the most uniquely YOU lenses by ZEISS.

The results.

  • 84%

    of wearers said it’s the best all-day lens they ever had.3

  • 8/10

    of wearers reported comfortable vision in minutes.3

  • 85%

    of wearers confirmed that they have full freedom of vision in any distance and direction.3

See the difference.

Experience how ZEISS Progressive SmartLife lenses compare to conventional varifocal glasses.

Smart vision for Life

Smart vision for Life.

You’ve certainly noticed your eyesight change with age. It happens to most of us. Built-in Age Intelligence in our entire SmartLife portfolio means that lens wearers can grow up and grow old with ZEISS’s best. It’s available to the whole family.

Face morphing from child to teenager to adult.
  • ZEISS SmartLife YOUNG

Let’s recap.

Make them even smarter.

Lens ingredients to complete your SmartLife lenses.

You’ve chosen a great lens design – but you have a few more choices to make. These factors are worth considering before you buy your next pair.

Your eyes

SmartLife progressives provide three prescriptions in one, to help presbyopic eyes focus at all distances. Your optometrist should confirm if this is the right lens type for you.

Your lifestyle

SmartLife® by ZEISS is designed for today’s digital lifestyle and related visual behaviour. With intelligence augmentation (IA) we can personalise it even more - just ask your optometrist for ZEISS Progressive SmartLife Individual.

Your face & frame

For even better vision and quicker adaptation, your viewing zones can be fine-tuned based on your frame and how it fits your face. Your optometrist will need to take a few measurements. Our technology will do the rest.

Eye protection

Full UV protection is a standard at ZEISS. Why not add ZEISS BluePro or self-tinting PhotoFusion X? Both feature built-in blue light protection and are great options for a busy, screen-filled life.

Thickness & weight

All ZEISS SmartLife lenses are designed to be thin and flat. You also have a choice of lens material and index – it can influence how you look and feel with your new pair of glasses.

Durability & care

A ZEISS DuraVision lens coating of your choice will reinforce your glasses, make them easy to clean and more. Add the features that’s important to you.

Any questions?

  • ZEISS Progressive SmartLife lenses are ideal for people aged 40 and up who need help focusing at any distance or don’t want to rely on ready readers for good vision close-up. If you’re not quite ready for progressives, ZEISS Digital SmartLife lenses are another great option.

  • Not at all – you'll be surprised how quickly you feel comfortable in your new eyeglasses. Most wearers only needed one day to get used to the new lenses.

  • SmartLife lenses are already packed with technology – but you can add some optional extras to personalise them even more. SmartLife Individual is our most customisable lens. It includes eight different technologies that combine to deliver the best optical performance ZEISS has to offer.

  • Our technology makes our ZEISS Progressive SmartLife lenses lighter and thinner than other varifocal lenses. You'll love how they feel.

  • Contact a trusted ZEISS optical provider to customise the ideal SmartLife lens for you.

  • 1

    Performance test on ZEISS SmartLife Progressive lenses, n=17 study participants. ZEISS Vision Science Lab, Institute for Ophthalmic Research, University of Tuebingen, 2019.

  • 2

    Internal Global Vision Study, Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH, DE, 2020-2021. (unpublished, data on file)

  • 3

    Market consumer acceptance test on ZEISS SmartLife Individual 3 lens portfolio with n=174 study participants in DE, IT, CN by Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH, DE 2022. (unpublished, data on file)