Spectacle lens coatings.

Look great while enjoying more comfortable vision.

High-tech for your eyes. Lens coatings help you experience the most comfortable vision possible while making lens care easier and protecting your glasses from scratches. In particular plastic lenses become true all-rounders with the right coating.

DuraVision® Premium lens coatings from ZEISS.

For optimum vision and maximum comfort.

A professional lens coating offers many benefits. It hardens the lens surface, making it more resistant to damage, reduces light reflections on the surface and makes the lens more dirt-resistant and easier to clean. DuraVision® Premium lens coatings from ZEISS combine these features in a single, first-class lens coating that meets the most demanding standards.

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The best protection against scratches. Harder than ever before.

The hardest lens coating we've ever produced at ZEISS – and the best protection against scratches. This guarantees lasting visual comfort, outstanding visibility and makes your glasses last as long as possible.

protection against scratches protection against scratches

Three-times more resistant thanks to ion technology.

Science at work. During the manufacturing process of our DuraVision Premium coating, the lenses are bombarded with special ions. This optimally compresses the individual layers, ensuring exceptional hardness and making them up to three times more resistant than plastic lenses with standard coatings from ZEISS and 35% more robust than our glass lenses with an anti-reflective coating. And there's an additional benefit: the especially smooth, hard surface means the lens is more dirt-resistant and significantly easier to clean.

See better, look better. With the perfect anti-reflective coating.

Lenses require an anti-reflective coating to ensure that you have clear, unimpaired vision. Light reflections – such as from reflective surfaces, lamps, wet roads or traffic at night – are reduced to a minimum and the lenses remain naturally clear. This increases wearer comfort and makes the glasses more cosmetically attractive for anyone looking at you: lenses with DuraVision Premium lens coatings from ZEISS feature more than 20% less reflection – both on the front and back surface.* This way your eyes appear natural – without distracting reflections – inside or outside, day or night.

* As compared with ZEISS spectacle lenses with a standard anti-reflective coating with a green residual reflection.

perfect anti-reflective coating perfect anti-reflective coating

No irritating reflections. Just clear vision – pure and simple.

Traditional anti-reflective lenses still have a green residual reflection caused by the production process. However, green does not optimally reduce reflections: less light comes through the lens, leading to more reflections on its surface. Lenses with DuraVision Premium coatings feature a blue residual refection resulting from a significantly more advanced anti-reflection process. This increases transmission and reduces surface reflections effectively, making the lenses appear even clearer – almost as if they were invisible – and completely eliminating reflections.

Dust- and water-repellent, less susceptible to dirt and easier to clean.

Clear visibility that lasts. The ultra-smooth Clean Coat is dirt- and water-repellent, the anti-static layer prevents dust and lint build up– keeping the lenses cleaner for longer and making them easier to clean.

Dust- and water-repellent Dust- and water-repellent

Additional visual comfort in artificial light. Prevent eye fatigue and digital eyestrain.

No matter if it's a smartphone, an LED lamp, a monitor, TV, tablet or an e-reader: modern light sources emit more blue light than we've ever experienced before. Many people find this light unpleasant and stressful because it adversely impacts our biorhythms and may even be dangerous for our eyes. A blue light filter in the spectacle lens can provide you with more comfortable vision.

Less irritating glare when driving thanks to a special lens coating – enjoy greater safety at night.

Probably the most important safety feature in your car. Lenses with a DuraVision DriveSafe coating reduce irritating glare, particularly from extremely bright modern headlights when driving at night. This reduces the risk of an accident without affecting the lenses' suitability for driving – traffic lights are still perceived naturally.

DuraVision DriveSafe coating
DuraVision Mirror coating

A stunning look with greater comfort – also for sunglasses.

They look stylish and offer excellent, comfortable vision: sunglass lenses with a DuraVision Mirror coating reduce irritating residual reflections thanks to a special coating on the back surface of the lens and feature a mirror coating – available in the trendiest colours.  

5 Tips for ensuring the Longevity of your Glasses

If you've started having trouble with your vision, get in touch with your optician immediately.

1. Leave nothing to chance when selecting your lens coating. Ask your optician to explain the advantages and disadvantages of individual coatings in detail.

5 Tips for ensuring the Longevity of your Glasses

Personal consultation on progressive lenses and frames

2. Select a good lens coating when buying children's glasses, because small scratches and reflections also damage young eyes.

5 Tips for ensuring the Longevity of your Glasses

Let your eyes adjust to your new progressive glasses immediately

3. Clean your glasses regularly using good lens cleaning products which don't damage the lens.

5 Tips for ensuring the Longevity of your Glasses

People wearing progressive lenses

4. It might be convenient, but don't clean your glasses with your sleeve, T-shirt or a tissue. The reason: there are microscopic dust particles which can scratch the lens over time.

5 Tips for ensuring the Longevity of your Glasses

Glasses sit just as they were fitted by your optician.

5. Put your glasses in a case when storing them for the night. Your glasses don't like extremely high or extremely low temperatures. The heat generated in a car on a hot summer day, for instance, is also something to be avoided. The same holds true for the sauna or the heating at home.

Protective and effective: gentle care for the lens and coating. As a cleaning spray or cloth, these solutions are also ideal for a computer monitor, smartphone or tablet.  

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For professional cleaning and gentle lens care. Useful extras.

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Glasses serve a simple purpose: to help the wearer enjoy the best-possible vision. Yet in practice this is a major technological feat requiring both great expertise and an optician who takes sufficient time for their patients. Only comprehensive knowhow and a thorough consultation ensure an individualised solution that will satisfy you for many years to come. Find an optician near you ...

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* As compared with ZEISS spectacle lenses with a standard anti-reflective coating with a green residual reflection.

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