Sunglass specially developed for golfing

Golfers all have one thing in common: they want to strike the ball more precisely, improve their handicap and get more enjoyment from the game. As golf is an outdoor sport, golfers often find that glare from the sun impairs their game.
This is precisely the reason why glasses with ProGolf sunglass lenses should be part of any golfer's standard equipment.

  • Design

    Optimum visibility in every situation

    Unlike traditional sunglass lenses, ProGolf not only displays a darkening effect, but actually enhances the contrast of vision by a process of selective absorption. This means that, even with constant transitions between light and shadow during the game, the golfer enjoys optimum visibility and can see any unevenness or bumps in the course more clearly than with traditional sunglasses.

    ProGolf is the combination of a contrast-enhancing tint and the high quality Super ET coating, making it the ideal sun protection for golfers.

  • Benefits

    The benefits for the wearer

    • Outstanding contrast enhancement in strong sunshine and glare
    • 100% solar UV protection
    • Power-independent light reduction
    • Light plastic lens with high resistance to breakage
    • No distracting reflections thanks to a high-quality AR coating
    • Hard coating for optimum scratch resistance
  • Our Recommendations

    Our Recommendations

    • ProGolf single colour
      The moderate absorption level of 40% ensures that wearers do not have to keep taking off and putting on their sunglasses if there are constant transitions between light and shadow
    • ProGolf graduated
      The graduated version (absorption from 75% to 25%) offers higher protection against glare when the sun is high in the sky
    • Available on all plastic lenses with refractive index 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67
    • The standard Super ET coating prevents reflections from impairing the golfer's vision and concentration.
    • Put them on and prepare to be astounded: the excellent contrast compared to traditional sunglass lenses can be best demonstrated outdoors

    Attention: ProGolf single colour and ProGolf graduated are not suitable for traffic and driving at night and in twilight as per DIN EN ISO 14889.

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