Did you know that Carl Zeiss makes intelligent glasses?

The classroom is so quiet; you could hear a pin drop. The class in home room 9c - 28 boys and girls are sitting in their chairs, enthralled and excited, looking forward to the next step. Every student is wearing a futuristic looking pair of glasses. However, these are not conventional spectacles. What the pupils are experiencing is a small scale mobile cinema – the Carl Zeiss CINEMIZER. At St. Georgen’s Thomas-Strittmatter-High School, students are testing the CyberClassroom – a place where the CINEMIZER and 3D monitors make a new dimension of learning reality. This joint project developed by Visenso and Carl Zeiss supports the classroom of the future.

Did you know that Carl Zeiss has found a new hobby for you?

What the pupils are experiencing is a small scale mobile cinema – the Carl Zeiss CINEMIZER.

Teachers sometimes have a tough time communicating biological science and technical contents to their pupils: Only very few students are instant fans of these disciplines. The situation at the pilot project now underway in St. Georgen, Germany, is quite different. The teacher uses the CINEMIZER to play stereo videos for his students depicting complex natural science phenomena. Learning is converted into a visual experience. For the pupils, the use of stereo video material facilitates the comprehension of complex physics, chemistry or biology topics.


The objective of the CyberClassroom is to visualise the curriculum to the maximum extent possible. Students are naturally intrigued by the innovative teaching aids and find it easier to understand content that requires a lot of explanation more readily – thanks to the interactive presentation. The CINEMIZER is popular with students in the classroom and even after school. As they do their homework or study for tests, the video glasses have also proven very helpful.  What makes the new tool even more appealing: In addition to mandatory learning, the CINEMIZER can also be used to watch the latest hit flicks from Hollywood.

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