Did you know that Carl Zeiss has found a new hobby for you?

Equipped with binoculars and spotting scopes, bird watchers await this moment with the greatest of patience: The lens captures a bird. Of course, it’s not just any bird – it is indeed one of those rare magnificent miracles of nature, such as the green kingfisher. Being able to admire such a sight is an enthralling experience that instantly makes any twitcher forget about the long wait. In recent years, bird watching has become a very popular past time.

Did you know that Carl Zeiss has found a new hobby for you?

Bird Watching

Some birders are lucky enough to not only be able to observe their flying creations of Mother Nature, but can take photos of their discoveries with them when they go home. How so? They use a technology called digi-scoping. These nature lovers do not just use their spotting scopes to watch the birds; they also use it to take pictures. A camera adapter provides a stable connection between the telescope and the digital camera. Nonetheless, using this approach requires some experience and it is not possible to switch quickly from the observation to the photography mode. As a result, users often miss the best moment.


A new solution is now available: Carl Zeiss has developed a device that turns digi-scoping into a very simple process. The new PhotoScope allows you to watch every detail with maximum precision while easily taking photographs of your feathered friends.  A unique combination of a high performance spotting scope and a digital camera in a weather proof body makes it possible. At the same time, the solution offers focal length ranges of 600-1800 mm. The device is used just like a standard digital camera; the shake free release is operated via remote control. Consequently, it is now possible to watch and take photographs simultaneously. Digi-scoping enthusiasts will be pleased to know that they no longer have to choose one or the other approach. Are you itching to check out your new hobby yet?

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