Sunglass lenses for individualists

ZEISS Single Vision Sport lenses by ZEISS for wrap frames

Sunglass lenses for individualists

Individualists want to be different, stand out from the rest and they have their own ideas and conceptions when it comes to functionality and design. Wrap sunglass frames ideally meet this requirement: they offer an exceptional, up-to-the-minute design and are often the frame of choice for sports enthusiasts who want to optimally protect their eyes.  


To provide the right prescription for each individual wearer, however, these sunglass lenses require the use of a very special technology. Until now, due to the laws of physics, the fashionable, angled position of wrap lenses resulted in irritating aberrations.  To remedy this situation, ZEISS has developed sunglasses lenses that offer the highest precision and an innovative optical design: ZEISS Single Vision Sport for wrap frames. The benefit for you: whether you wear progressive or single vision lenses, these products provide you with maximum visual comfort for practically any frame shape.


Do you want to test for yourself what sunglass lens type you are? Then simply do our test here online. > to the test


Would you like the professional advice of an expert? Here you can find a ZEISS optometrist near you who can demonstrate the individual solutions to you.

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