Subjective Eye Test

Step 3: The subjective eye test provides accurate data for your precision lenses

You may already know this test: the subjective measurement of your eyes – also known as refraction– to obtain accurate data for your precision lenses. Different lenses are placed systematically in front of your eyes and you are asked to describe what and how well you see.

This test continues until optimal vision is achieved by constantly changing the powers of the lenses offered to you. With your assistance, your optometrist determines the best possible prescription for your precision lenses. But the individual ZEISS lens configuration goes even further.


ZEISS measuring systems such as the i.Polatest®, a near vision tester, tests and evaluates various aspects of your vision in every situation imaginable.


Your 3D perception – the teamwork of your eyes – is also examined. All this data is incorporated in the configuration of your customised precision lenses.


Continue with Step 4 of the individual ZEISS lens configuration process: the Exact Fitting.

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