Analysing your individual sight situation

Step 1: Your optometrist starts with a discussion of your personal visual behaviour and needs.

Each eye is unique. It has its very own visual properties and behavior. But so do you, and the things you do, like and dislike. Your optometrist needs to know not only what your new spectacles have to achieve, but also when and where. That’s why your optometrist starts by establishing your visual behaviour and needs. It is the first important step in determining your customised precision lenses. Your optometrist will ask you what activities you need your new glasses for –   reading, driving or sport, for example. He or she will inquire about your main visual problems and ask you how often you will wear your new glasses.

Your optometrist will discuss the activities you regularly pursue: do you cook, read, do sports, work at a computer? He or she will ask you about specific visual problems, such as poor eyesight at night, sensitivity to light, reflections, and even whether your glasses tend to become dirty very quickly. Give the optometrist some personal details: tell him about your daily schedule, activities and your job. The more he knows, the better he can assist you in finding your customised glasses.

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