Microscopes in Focus

How modern microscopes are used today

Since its first origins over 300 years ago, the humble microscope has remained largely unchanged as to it primary goal – that is, to observe, characterise and document the world that lies just beyond our fingertips. Today, microscopes are used to examine almost anything. From cells to rocks and everything in between, microscopes provide us with a constantly evolving understanding of life and its surrounds that was only ever previously imaginable. So where do we use microscopes now? 

In this webinar, aimed at high school students, we will show you the scale of modern microscopy and what to expect in the future.

Key Learnings

  • Demonstrate how microscopes have multidisciplinary applications in both industry and research
  • Explore the basic principles of light microscopy
  • Identify that there are other types of microscopes including electron and X-ray microscopes

2nd September 2021 | 3:30PM AEST

20 Mins Webinar + Live Q&A

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Dr. Shannon Das

Application Specialist, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, ANZ 


Shannon obtained his PhD from The University of Sydney in 2019, where he studied the oxidative stress pathways leading to cataract formation. To further his knowledge of ocular diseases and oxidative stress, he undertook postdoctoral training at The John Curtin School of Medical Research. In 2020, he joined the ZEISS ANZ team as a product application specialist in light microscopy.​

Dr Caitlin Johnston

Product Specialist , ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, ANZ 


Caitlin is a Microscopy Product Specialist at ZEISS, Australia. She completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Wollongong before going on to complete her PhD. Both her honours and PhD projects were in the area of single-molecule fluorescence microscopy and during this time she gained a strong interest in microscopy. Whilst completing her studies, Caitlin worked part-time as a science communicator at the Science Space in Wollongong where she developed skills and a passion for presenting interactive science shows to school groups and the wider community.