Context Matters: Cellular Identification with Single-Cell Spatial Phenotyping

ZEISS and Akoya Bioscience collaborate to bring the latest developments in high-through put multiplexing using the ZEISS Observer microscopy and Akoya CODEX solution to the Australian and New Zealand research and clinical communities.

Biomarker studies are at the forefront of clinical research. A reliable biomarker can provide robust predictive tool for disease progression, therapeutic benefits, and survival. More studies have indicated that spatial biology is fast becoming a valuable biomarker. Not only defining cell phenotypes, defining the spatial relation of these different phenotypes in a tissue context is what leads to discovery.
The CODEX system is a streamlined process of high-plex tissue staining system from application, imaging, to data processing, that will allow single cell proteomic and spatial analysis.

Life sciences research also calls for reproducible data from a whole range of samples in a variety of conditions. ZEISS Axio Observer is your stable, open and flexible inverse platform for demanding multimodal imaging of living and fixed specimens. Designed to adapt as your experimental requirements change. The Axio Observer is ideally suited as the acquisition engine for the wealth of scientific insight spatial genomics can provide.

Key Learnings

  • Single cell proteomics
  • Tissue biology discovery
  • More data from your tissue

13th September 2021 | 2PM AEST

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Dr. Kyall Pocock

Product & Applications Sales Specialist at Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd

Kyall has a background in Pharmaceutical Engineering which lead to completing a PhD in​ Biomaterials Engineering at the University of South Australia in 2016. His research​ focused primarily on organ-on-a-chip microfluidic devices for drug carrier evaluations, ultimately​ moving his research passion towards high-end microscopy and high-throughput techniques. Kyall currently oversees the automated ​light microscopy portfolio for ZEISS Australia and New Zealand. ​

Mr. Dani Tutuka

Field Application Scientist for Akoya Bioscience

A passionate life scientist with an extensive background in laboratory research from microbiology to cancer immunology. Prior to joining AKOYA, he worked as research assistant at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute studying the immune landscape in melanoma.