Cryo Correlation Microscopy - From Light Microscopy to EM

Enhancing your ability to see inside biological samples

Cryo microscopy has gained popularity in combination with transmission electron microscopy for single particle analysis in structural biology. Determining the atomic structure of molecules enables researchers to better appreciate the function and behaviour of molecules like proteins and nuclei acids. The next development is to analyse the interactions of these molecules in the context of a complete cell. In this talk we will investigate workflows for identifying cells in their near to native state under cryo conditions, using light microscopy and correlating the cells of interest utilising a cross beam FIB SEM.

Key Learnings

  • Understand why imaging samples under cryo conditions can be beneficial
  • Learn more about the cryo correlation workflow between light microscopy and electron microscopy

  • Explore the benefits of imaging unstained samples under cryo EM conditions with unparalleled contrast


Mr. Gavin Symonds

Product Manager, Laser Scanning Microscopy ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions Carl Zeiss Pty. Ltd.

6th December 2021

2 - 3 PM AEDT

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