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Webinar: ZOYC Online - University of Waikato

Basics of Image Analysis for Life Sciences – When an image is not just a pretty picture​ ​

Image analysis has become an indispensable tool in microscopy and has gained significant popularity and importance in recent years. The ability to turn images into data in a systematic way without subjective interpretation is critical. Furthermore, as microscopy becomes increasingly automated, the amount of data generated can be enormous and challenging. New image analysis tools, workflows and computing power allow us to make sense of large data sets and answer increasingly complex biological questions.​

Date:: Monday, June 8th, 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM NZST


Dr. Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford has a background in Molecular Biology and Neuroscience and completed his PhD at the University of Queensland in 2007. With a research focus investigating the role of ion channel signalling in neural progenitor cell differentiation, his work involved a combination of pharmacology, cell culture and Calcium imaging techniques. Mark has been with ZEISS ANZ for the past 13 years and manages our high-end light microscopy portfolio. ​

Dr. Richard Yulo

Richard Yulo trained in microbiology and genetics and completed his PhD at Massey University, Auckland in 2019. His research investigated the evolution of cell shape in bacteria, which involved work in molecular biology, flow cytometry, and widefield microscopy techniques. Richard has been with ZEISS ANZ for the past 2 years and is the Microscopy Product Specialist and Engineer for New Zealand.​

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