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UQ | Basics of Confocal Microscopy

Webinar | Wednesday, 20th May 2020 | 2.00 PM AEST

Join us for a LIVE webinar

Title: UQ | Basics of Confocal Microscopy

This webinar will introduce the key concepts associated with biological confocal microscopy. Topics such as the confocal pinhole and optical sectioning will be outlined. Specific components that comprise a confocal microscope such as lasers, detectors, and the confocal scan head will be introduced, and basic imaging parameters required for the acquisition of a confocal image will be discussed. What is the benefit of using confocal microscopy over traditional widefield imaging? The talk will highlight the degree of flexibility inherent with confocal imaging over other imaging modalities. 

Key learning points of the webinar 

  • Understand what is meant by confocal microscopy
  • What are the major components that comprise a confocal microscope
  • Understand and appreciate that the imaging process is usually a compromise between competing factors that influence confocal image quality

Who should attend

  • Life science researchers
  • Faculty and students of UQ



Mr. Gavin Symonds and Ms. Tina Howe

Gavin Symonds | ZEISS

Gavin graduated from The University of Sydney in 1995 with a degree in Science. 
His interest in optical imaging developed from a project during his studies that involved characterising the behaviour of a benchtop experimental multichannel confocal microscope, and examining the resolution performance of immunogold and silver labelled cells undergoing mitosis. Gavin joined ZEISS in 1995 and has had a variety of roles including technical and application support. Gavin is currently the product manager for the LSM/ Elyra/ Lightsheet portfolios.

Tina Howe | ZEISS

Tina Howe is a Microscope Specialist with ZEISS Australia. 
Tina started her microscopy career in the UK after graduating with a degree in Law & Business. The change in career was a temporary plan, but for almost 25 years she has continued to develop a real passion for science and the innovation within the field of microscopy.  Tina moved to Australia in 2010 and continues to use her expertise and years of knowledge to benefit the microscope community in QLD.