Software packages from ZEISS Industrial Metrology enable you to improve the capacity utilization of your measuring machine and to more efficiently process measurement data. Fast reaction times, our Teleservice and the guaranteed availability of spare parts play a key role in keeping your productivity at the highest level.

Higher Productivity

Software packages

We offer various software packages to ensure the best possible utilization of your measuring machines. These are based on the same platforms and are specially tailored to your needs. A service technician provides expert, on-site support.

Maintenance wizard

Our Maintenance Wizard software indicates the optimal time for machine maintenance based on machine use. It recommends the ideal level of servicing: basic calibration, enhanced calibration or complete calibration. Our decades of experience in service and the considerable amount of field data we have acquired on many different aspects of machine usage have been incorporated into the wizard. The following data is analyzed:

  • Count and severity of collisions
  • Number of probe runs
  • Travel distances in the XYZ axes
  • Actual hours of machine operation

ZEISS PiWeb is used to analyze, evaluate and graphically display all types of quality and process data in real time from the production sites.

Warehouse Spareparts

Fast response times

Our regional service network enables fast access to our certified service technicians. For guaranteed faster response times, please contact your regional service partner. Our Teleservice software allows us to quickly identify defects and determine how to best help you. In addition to saving time, this also provides our service technicians all the information they need to solve your problem on site.

Global availability of spare parts

We provide spare parts, repair/exchange parts and wear parts. Repair/exchange parts are recycled or refurbished at the factory and can then be reused. The availability of spare parts, fast delivery and global deployment of service technicians ensures minimal machine downtimes.