Combined CNCN measuring station with increased precision


Surface and contour measurements with two sensors, very high measuring accuracy in the Z axis and automated probing force.

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SURFCOM NEX 041 features increased measuring accuracy in the Z axis and automated probing force configuration. The machine effectively performs contour and surface measuring jobs with high precision and the sensors can be easily changed manually. The SURCOME NEX 041 features a modular design and is available with three different column heights. The measuring machine is equipped with a low-maintenance, contact-free linear drive which, unlike standard spindle drives, works more quickly and does not generate vibrations. The measuring table is available in two different sizes and is made of stable granite. Subsequent optional retrofits or upgrades with CNC axes, a 3D topography package and an optional white light sensor make the SURFCOM NEX 041 future-proof and suitable for diverse measuring jobs.

  • Combined roughness and contour measuring station with two sensors
  • Increased measuring accuracy in the Z axes and automated probing force
  • Up to 7 times faster thanks to a contact-free, low-maintenance linear drive
  • Higher productivity with fully automated measurements thanks to optical positioning and rotary axes round off the CNC workstation
  • Optional topography measurements (optical or contact)
  • Base: solid, space-saving and attractively-priced FX version with integrated, active vibration damping, a DX version suitable for production or comprehensive SD desk furniture
  • Different sizes of granite measuring tables

The SURFCOM NEX 041 contour and surface measuring station allows you to measure minuscule radii, bevels, angles, cut-ins and length tolerances. Manually configuring the particular sensor ensures the precise capture of all current surface and contour parameters. The entire travel range of the tracer driver (100 mm or 200 mm) is available, in particular for waviness measurements.