Fully automated surface measurement


Designed for quality assurance in volume production, the SURFCOM C5 is ideal for performing the fully automated surface measurement of engine components.

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The SURFCOM C5 was developed for fully automated surface measurements and quality assurance and is ideal for working with engine components and waves.

The fully automated surface measurements are quick and reliable. In addition to the CNC axes in the X Y and Z directions, the SURFCOM C5 features a cross feeder and a tilt axis for the sensor, enabling it to measure in all directions without any problem. The open system design is dominated by the large granite measuring table which is perfectly suited for connecting component-specific fixtures. The SURFCOM C5 enables very high throughput. Large parts such as crankcases and cylinder heads can be measured in next to no time thanks to the high positioning speed of 100 mm/s. The tracing driver in the X direction is equipped with a vibration-free, low-maintenance and extremely precise linear drive, ensuring stability.

  • A significantly higher throughput rate than with conventional solutions
  • Ideal for automatic quality assurance in volume production
  • Highly flexible: the machine's design is perfect for connections with component-specific fixtures
  • Fully automatic CNC surface measurements: faster, more reliable and more cost-effective thanks to 5 CNC axes
  • Shorter setup times through an integrated patented Y tracing driver in the X axis
  • Measurements in all directions through the integrated rotation sensor
  • Considerably faster with less maintenance and fewer vibrations than with standard systems thanks to the non-contact linear drive in the X axis
  • Positioning speeds of 100 mm/s for high measuring efficiency, even on large components
  • Comprehensive safety design for maximum operator and machine safety
  • Optional: CNC stylus change-out
  • Optional: additional rotary axis and tailstock for the fully automated measurement of crankshafts and cam shafts

The SURFCOM C5 is at home wherever there are high demands on surface parameters, quality and throughput. The SURFCOM C5 is ideal for serial measurements of engine components such as crankshafts, cylinder heads, cam shafts and other parts.