For maximum measuring productivity

Linear Drive

The contour and surface measuring instruments feature a patented linear drive in the X axis. Similar to magnetic levitation, the sensor hovers over a magnetic field without contact. Compared to conventional spindle drivers, the linear drive is faster, more precise and does not experience wear and tear.

Linear Drive

Measure more accurately with play-free linear drive

To increase the resolution of the measuring sensor alone is a simple task. But without optimizing the structure and drive that moves the sensor, a simple increase in resolution is no improvement. Conventional drives are composed of a spindle, motor and linear encoder. Due to the nature of the system, there is a certain play that has a negative effect each time the system starts up and brakes, and in the reciprocating motion that is required for 3D topography analysis. The linear drive is constructed play-free. This allows high measurement speeds – exactly in the reciprocating motion in 3D topography analysis. Compared to other systems, the pre-travel can be reduced by up to 60% – this produces enormous benefits with narrow tolerances – even for short possible measurement distances. The play-free linear drive also allows outstanding positioning accuracy that is also required for topography analysis.

Seven times faster than spindle drives

The patented linear drive enables maximum measuring speeds from 0.02 – 60 mm/s. For topography measurements, SURFCOM completes measuring jobs up to seven times faster than systems with a spindle drive. This increases the measurement throughput and lowers the risk of interfering variables such as temperature drift.

Friction-free measurements with greater accuracy

The linear drive works without any vibrations: the measuring sensor hovers over a magnetic field without establishing contact or friction. The linear drive can achieve best-in-class Rz0 residual values of better than 10 nanometers. Friction means wear. The friction-free linear drive works without wear and manages without spindles and gears – spindle breaks and high maintenance costs are a thing of the past.