Highly accurate for form and surface


This precise form tester measures roughness and roundness in three axes.

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The RONDCOM NEX Rs form tester enables the precise measurement of roundness and roughness in the R, T and Z axes and features best-in-class rotational accuracy. The CNC-guided rotating and pivoting of the stylus allows automatic control of the surface measurement. The workpieces are measured without any influence of the R axis. The integrated ACCTee PRO software offers an intuitive user interface and guides the user through the entire measurement. RONDCOM NEX Rs is also upgradeable with a function for shaft structure or twist measurement. RONDCOM NEX Rs is available with a different range of functions than the RONDCOM NEX 100 (manual machine), the RONDCOM NEX 200 (automatic part alignment) and the RONDCOM NEX 300 (full CNC) and is upgradeable at any time.

  • Universal form tester for roundness and roughness with best-in-class rotational accuracy
  • CNC-guided rotating and pivoting of the stylus
  • Precise, wear-free rotary table on air bearings
  • The ACCTee PRO integrated evaluation software has a simple user interface.
  • Flatness measurement and measurement of the external diameter possible
  • Optional measurement of shaft structures and optional twist measurement
  • Available as a sturdy, space-saving and attractively-priced FX version with integrated, active vibration damping, as comprehensive SD desk furniture or as a DX version suitable for production 

RONDCOM NEX Rs is a universal form tester for the analysis of roundness, roughness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, and thickness error. With rotational error of just 20 nanometers, RONDCOM NEX is ideal for a wide range of precision parts that have a maximum diameter of 580 mm and weigh up to 30 kg.