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The leading spindle form tester at ZEISS stands for efficiency and greatest possible accuracy.

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The RONDCOM 76 A is a universal CNC form measuring station with outstanding rotational accuracy. The high travel speed of up to 100 mm/s in all axes (R, X, Y, Z) shortens the measuring time considerably while automated CNC measuring runs enable the excellent efficiency of the RONDCOM 76 A. On the RONDCOM 76 A, the machine bed and columns are made of high-quality granite which also ensures accuracy and stability. Accurate air bearings in the X, Y, Z and rotary axes make this spindle form tester extremely reliable and low-maintenance. Even heavy workpieces can be fed in without any friction or disruption because the RONDCOM 76 A features an integrated anti-vibration table with active damping.

  • Greatest possible rotational accuracy with excellent efficiency
  • Reduced measuring times through an extremely high travel speed
  • Outstanding cost effectiveness thanks to fully-automated CNC runs
  • Fully automatic control of the 7 axes and excellent straightness values in all axes
  • High-quality granite ensures long-term stability
  • Highly accurate air bearings in the X, Y, Z and and rotary axes
  • Comprehensive safety and collision-protection design
  • Ideal for heavy workpieces
  • Parallelism measurements via accurate and specified axes
  • Informative multi-flatness evaluation in the R axis
  • Precise diameter measurements
  • Easy to use and program using ACCTee PRO
  • Fast CNC inspection plans via Teach-in or offline programming

The RONDCOM 76 A is very flexible thanks to extensive accessories and fixture designs tailored to the customer's needs. The form measuring station is ideal for measuring tasks such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts and cam shafts, and for highly accurate measurements on heavy workpieces.