Large measuring range for heavy workpieces


The spindle form tester features high rotational accuracy and minor parallelism errors.

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The working range of the RONDCOM 73 A is exactly where other form testers reach their limits. The form measuring station features excellent rotational accuracy and a substantial measuring range in spite of its compact design. Heavy workpieces also pose no problem for this precise spindle form tester. Comprehensive collision protection, fully automated alignment of the workpiece and automated CNC measuring runs set the RONDCOM 73 A apart. The ACCTee PRO software included offers an intuitive user interface and guides the user through the entire measuring process.

  • Higher throughput thanks to automated alignment and CNC runs
  • Excellent rotational accuracy with a large measuring range
  • Collision protection in all directions
  • Ideal for heavy workpieces
  • Safety device and automatic weight counterbalance of the R axis
  • Automatic measurement of different diameters without manually moving the sensor
  • Intuitive operation with ACCTee Pro
  • Granite construction ensures long-term stability

The RONDCOM 73 A is very flexible thanks to extensive accessories and fixture designs tailored to the customer's needs. The RONDCOM 73 A is ideal for measuring jobs such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts and cam shafts, and for highly accurate measurements on heavy workpieces.