Universal measuring center for form and surface


Three in one: contour, surface and form measurement with one setup.

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The RONDCOM Grande measuring center is a pioneering innovation, allowing the measurement of form, contour and surface parameters with one setup.

The heart of the measuring system is the precision rotary table on air bearings with rotational accuracy of 80 nanometers. The first column of the RONDCOM Grande is equipped with a combined contour and surface tracing driver featuring resolution of up to 1.24 nanometers and a laser interferometer. The second column is responsible for form measurement and offers outstanding straightness accuracy in the Z axis. RONDCOM Grande makes the measurement of exact and large parts more efficient as its is performed with one setup and one software, therefore reducing transport and setup times.

  • RONDCOM Grande is everything in one: a form tester, contour measuring machine and surface measuring station.
  • Substantial reduction in setup times through fully automatic measurement of all parameters with one stup and on a single machine
  • Highly accurate laser interferometer in the contour and surface tracer driver
  • High straightness accuracy in the Z axis
  • Precision rotary table on air bearings with 80 nanometer rotational error
  • Also available with only one column as a pure form measuring station for large, high-precision, heavy parts

The possible fields of application for RONDCOM Grande include bearing rings, mechanical engineering parts, power generation systems, aerospace and wind energy industries. The measuring center evaluates roundness, cylinder form, perpendicularity, parallelism, straightness, flatness, coaxiality, concentricity, thickness error and radial runout, all standard surface parameters, angles and contours.