The Fascinating Combination of Measuring Range and Precision ZEISS MMZ T
With ist large measuring volume ZEISS MMZ T enables highly precise measurements of large gears directly on the shop floor

Bridge-Type CMM with large measuring range

With a measuring range of up to 14.8 m3, the ZEISS MMZ T offers the largest measuring range from amongst the table bridge-type measuring machines. For example: it enables the highly precise measurement of large gears directly on the shop floor.



The open design enables easy loading with a crane. The design of the machine allows for workpieces weighing up to ten tons.

Safety for the operator and the machine

  • Kink protection on the ram to protect the sensor/operator
  • Optical ram protection to prevent downtimes following a collision
  • Safety position for the bridge to ensure safe loading of the coordinate measuring machine with large workpieces

Enlarged measuring performance

  • REACH CFX 3 MMZ stylus extensions for measuring very deep boreholes (1,200mm)
  • Rotary tables installed in the base to optimally use the measuring range
  • Temperature compensation gradients for the axes to selectively capture temperature differences

Measure heavy workpieces efficiently

  • Possible to measure workpieces of up to ten tons without a loss of accuracy
  • Integrated vibration insulation to prevent the need to construct an expensive foundation
  • Bearing technology without compressed air to minimize operating costs

Robust and stable over the long term

  • Insensitive to dusty and oily air
  • Resistant to rough environmental conditions for reduced demands on the measuring room
  • Large bearing clearances and a stable bridge design for exceptional scanning performance

A slanted-tooth spur gear on a ZEISS MMZ T coordinate measuring machine

A ZEISS MMZ T with a motorized tailstock

Technical Data for ZEISS MMZ T

Length measurement error


from 2.4 + L/400 μm

Single stylus probing error


from 2.0 μ

Scanning probing error


from 2.8 μ / 62 s

Form measuring error


from 2.0 μm

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