Maximum Precision for Small Parts


No compromises when it comes to accuracy

Despite its small size, ZEISS MICURA makes no compromises when it comes to accuracy. ZEISS MICURA comes standard with the VAST XT gold scanning sensor from ZEISS and navigator technology.



ZEISS MICURA is the solution for new demands in industrial production where parts are becoming increasingly compact and accuracy requirements are rising.


  • Computer-Aided Accuracy: Measuring errors due to dynamically induced inertia effects are automatically compensated for
  • ZEISS air bearings on four sides guarantee stability and precision
  • ZEISS MICURA also comes with two temperature sensor for the workpiece
  • The probing force of the sensor is actively regulated and is very low - ideal for sensitive materials
  • Optimally coordinated control technology, software, sensors and additional components from ZEISS
  • Active vibration dampers as standard for opimal filtering of floor vibrations.

Small and precise

Equipped with the VAST XT gold high-end sensor from ZEISS and navigator technology, ZEISS MICURA offers active scanning with measuring accuracy of less than one micrometer. ZEISS MICURA flexes its muscles with small, complex parts featuring narrow tolerances such as those used in optics, medical industry and electronics. Despite its compact dimensions, the device achieves a measuring volume of 500 x 700 x 600 mm - which is significantly more than comparable devices.

Precise high-speed scanning

The VAST XT gold sensor from ZEISS enables high-speed scanning featuring up to 500 measuring points per second. As a result, form and location parameters such as roundness and flatness can be precisely captured, in addition to geometric features, in a short time. The sensor can be equipped with extremely small stylus tips. The smallest stylus has a diameter of just 0.3 millimeters.

The system is controlled via a userfriendly control panel and does not need a computer

Automatic measuring speed

ZEISS MICURA comes standard with VAST navigator technology. It automatically configures the optimal measuring speed with guaranteed accuracy, thus considerably reducing the measuring time. ZEISS MICURA moves somewhat slower in areas that demand more precision. It moves faster with simple contours or when less accuracy is needed.

The VAST navigator technology also saves time through tangential approach and scanning, helix scanning and fast dynamic stylus calibration.

More flexibility with ZEISS rotary table

The flexible ZEISS RT-RB 100-1 rotary table can be installed in the measuring area as an add-on variant as required and then conveniently moved out of the measuring area again. This option enables measurement in four axes - and all on one machine.

The system is controlled via a userfriendly control panel and does not need a computer

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