Transform measurement data into meaningful results.


ZEISS PiWeb is a scalable IT solution for quality data management. With the database-supported versions ZEISS PiWeb sbs and ZEISS PiWeb enterprise, you can organize the information flow resulting from Industry 4.0 and therefore enhance the quality of your products and productivity. Entry into modern data management is easy: ZEISS PiWeb reporting is already contained in ZEISS CALYPSO and ZEISS CALIGO.

New: ZEISS PiWeb App

Measurement data to go

Having the latest information wherever and whenever you want has become an integral part of the user experience and is something customers increasingly expect. The ZEISS PiWeb App provides even more ways to access and analyze measurement data on the go.

Quality Data Management made easy


Create custom part stories for your product. You can easily create elaborate reports which combine multiple parts and data from different measurement systems into one document.

Secure your investments leveraging ZEISS PiWeb‘s support to third-party measurement systems and manual gages. Open source software interfaces make it easy to integrate ZEISS PiWeb with your custom applications environment.

Access your data anytime and anywhere with ZEISS PiWeb‘s powerful client-server architecture. Easy server setup and configuration keeps IT costs at a minimum and allows you to concentrate on your production process.

Make your data visible using a multitude of built-in charts, plots and tables. Pre-defined templates and samples make it easy to get you started and provide a basis to tailor each report to your specific requirements.

Interact with your data in 3D using ZEISS PiWeb‘s built in CAD capabilities. Optimum performance even allows you to view and analyze point cloud data from optical measurement systems on a standard laptop.

Secure your data by using ZEISS PiWeb‘s integrated user management and encrypted connections.

All required data in one report. Access anywhere and everywhere.

The ZEISS PiWeb network solutions save quality data and other product-related data on a central server. Via a secure internet connection, this data can be accessed from any location and displayed in the form of reports. This means that quality data from a large number of measuring machines from different manufacturers are available on a global scale – and in real time.

CAD views can be rotated and magnified with ZEISS PiWeb
Lively, interactive reports: CAD views can be rotated and magnified.

Generate report templates the simple way

Generating report templates in ZEISS PiWeb is no problem. You work intuitively by drag & drop, guided by dialog menus. Numerous standard templates are available and can be modified if necessary. Or generate your own templates with quality indicators, interactively adjustable CAD views, form plots, false color displays, histograms, box plots, Cp-Cpk diagrams, etc.

Recognize quality factors

Process data from production can also be processed by ZEISS PiWeb. This makes it possible to analyze the causal relationship between process parameters and quality characteristics. This knowledge will help you, for example, to prevent production errors and increase tool service life.

Statistical analysis

ZEISS PiWeb offers all the tools you need for statistical analyses, e.g. different distributions and functions for outlier management and for measuring system analyses. QDAS data can be imported and exported.

Dynamic reports

No reports published via ZEISS PiWeb are unalterable. All data displayed remains linked to the database. You have access to interactive reports via the PiWeb Monitor viewer. Here, for example, you can rotate and enlarge a CAD view. You can access detailed information by clicking on a measuring point. You can filter out data or even select other data sources.

The right measurement results display for any operator: metrology engineers, production employees or management.
The right measurement results display for any operator: metrology engineers, production employees or management.

Single workstation solutions

Informative measurement results with ZEISS PiWeb
Boxplot visualization in ZEISS PiWeb

ZEISS PiWeb is available in four configurations. ZEISS PiWeb reporting already offers professional reporting and displays the value progression of the last ten measurements. ZEISS PiWeb reporting plus allows statistical evaluations of up to 1,000 measurements and measuring system analyses.

Networked solutions

For collecting data from several measuring machines and other data sources, ZEISS offers the database solutions ZEISS PiWeb sbs and ZEISS PiWeb enterprise. ZEISS PiWeb sbs has been designed for quality data management in measuring rooms and small companies. ZEISS PiWeb enterprise is focused on large companies and is also suitable for multi-site and global data collection.

Informative measurement results with ZEISS PiWeb