Medical solutions made by ZEISS

With innovations for ophthalmology and microsurgery, ZEISS helps doctors all over the world to diagnose and treat diseases effectively and to improve their patients' quality of life.

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ZEISS Corneal topographers

Multi-modality ocular surface analysis

ZEISS Data management software

Scalable ophthalmology software

ZEISS Essential Line

Simplicity in basic diagnostics

ZEISS Intraocular lenses (IOL) and OVD portfolio

Developed to meet patients' needs and surgeons' preferences

ZEISS Optical biometers

Defining biometry for 20 years

ZEISS Optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems

Designed for the way you work

ZEISS Ophthalmic microscopes

Leading the market with superior optics

ZEISS Humphrey Perimeters

ZEISS Perimetry

Setting the standard in glaucoma management

ZEISS Phacoemulsification, Vitrectomy and Lens fragmentation devices

Discover the possibilities

ZEISS Refractive lasers

Clinical solutions for wide-ranging vision correction applications

ZEISS Retinal cameras

Effective and efficient fundus imaging and review

ZEISS Therapeutic lasers

Improve laser therapy

ZEISS EyeMag medical loupes

Treating with flexibility

ZEISS Intraoperative fluorescence imaging

Deeper insights. Greater control.

ZEISS Intraoperative radiotherapy systems

Melding two worlds into one benefit

ZEISS In vivo pathology suite

Putting in vivo cellular imaging at your fingertips

ZEISS Surgical microscopes

Continuing to support you in advancing surgical visualization