Success stories

Back to Bush Program

Southern Cross Hospital, Hamilton, New Zealand

Together with the Southern Cross Hospital, Hamilton, Carl Zeiss has made another step forward on the path to providing comprehensive ophthalmic health care in the outreach areas.

The Southern Cross Hospital has successfully traded-in their ZEISS OPMI CS operating microscope against a new purchase of a ZEISS OPMI Lumera® 700. The former microscope has been fully serviced, reconditioned and delivered to the Rarotonga Hospital in Cook Island.

The reconditioned microscope has assisted Dr Paul Rosser, Ophthalmologist of Auckland Eye, Mr Richard Johnson, Optometrist of Auckland District Health Board and other visiting team of ophthalmologists for subspecialty ophthalmology work during their recent visit in May 2011.

The doctors of Rarotonga Hospital are now fully trained to operate the microscope and will continue to offer the advanced-level of care to more people in the Cook Island.

Vietnam Vision Project

The Vietnam Vision project has been in operation for over 6 years providing free cataract surgery to the isolate regions of Vietnam and Cambodia. The hard working team of volunteers travel for two weeks at a time, completing hundreds of operations, in difficult conditions. For two years now ZEISS has loaned the project the portable microscope and Dr David Worsnop from Victoria has been extremely grateful for this. The project has even found the portable microscope box useful. Uses include using it as a foot rest for those taller patients having cataract surgery, when the bed has been too short.

Eyes for Africa

Julie Tyers, a registered nurse at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital started the Eyes for Africa program in 2007. Julie has raised funds and coordinates a team of volunteer surgeons and nursers to travel to remote parts of Ethiopia to provide restoring sight treatment. The team have to travel long distance over extremely rugged terrain but have provided treatment to over 600 people since 2007. Julie is extremely grateful to ZEISS for the loan of the portable microscope for each trip.

2011 - Trip to Harar / Ethiopia

With a loan ZEISS microscope OPMI® 1FR pro, Eyes for Africa made another trip to rural Ethiopia to give free operations for people living in poverty. The hard working volunteer team of 4 doctors and 3 nurses from Australia and Ethiopia helped two weeks in the Jugal Hospital in Harar/Ethiopia to restore 193 eyesights. Julie Tyers, who works as an ophthalmic nurse in the Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne joint the last trip to Harar said: “I cried when this young boy, aged about six, opened his eyes after surgery and said he could see his mum for the first time.”

East Timor Eye Program

Since 2000 Dr Nitin Verma has lead a dedicate team of Ophthalmologists , nurses , Optometrists and volunteers who make regular trips to East Timor to provide eye care services and train local eye care teams. Over 3500 cataract operations have been performed and over 34000 people have received eye health services.

The aim of the program is not only to provide sight saving treatment but also to assist Timor Leste in becoming self sufficient in the provision of eye care. The program has supported the training of Timor Leste’s first Ophthalmologist and established sub speciality ophthalmic eye programs, with the first corneal transplant occurring in 2009.

ZEISS has played a pivotal role in helping the Eye Program achieve its goals by donating second hand microscopes which are currently located in Bacau, Suai and Dili. A second hand field analyser has also been donated.

Boulcott Hospital, New Zealand

Boulcott Hospital was one of the first hospitals to support this initiative, trading in their old microscope, an OPMI MDU on a S3 floor stand. New Zealand service engineer, Mr. Ken Park was able to fully recondition and service the old microscope, which was donated to the T.T.M Hospital in Samoa.

Other hospitals that have generously supported this initiative include:

  • Nepean Private Hospital, Kingswood, NSW – Klinik Hohidiai, Indonesia
  • Nepean Private Hospital, Kingswood, NSW – Suai Hospital, East Timor
  • Port Macquarie Hospital, NSW – Dili Hospital, East Timor
  • Liverpool Hospital, Liverpool, NSW – Baucau Hospital, East Timor
  • Boulcott Hospital, Wellington, NZ – T.T.M Hospital, Samoa


As a reminder to surgeons performing bush or overseas work, there are two components to the Back to Bush Program:

  • Microscope donations and
  • Access to a loaner portable OPMI® 1FR pro microscope.


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