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ZEISS on your Campus - Sydney

Workshop Series

July 13, 2015

University of Sydney


Scientists and students from all over NSW came together at the University of Sydney to get hands-on at the recent Microscopy event: ZEISS on Your Campus (ZOYC), in Sydney, Australia.


The first of several workshops which are being held around the country from July to September aim to educate attendees on the fundamentals of microscopy and emerging technologies.


The feature presentation at University of Sydney was given by Dr. Tony Cesare from the Children’s Medical Research Institute. Dr. Cesare and his team at the Australian Cancer Research Foundation Telomere Analysis Centre (ATAC) focus on telomere-related research. Using ZEISS microscopes, they were able to perform automated Metaphase Chromosome Scanning, High-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy as well as Live Cell Imaging. We were also fortunate to witness some of his results which were featured recently in Nature International Weekly Journal of Science, ‘Cell death during crisis is mediated by mitotic telomere deprotection’.

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Dr. Rene Hessling, Division Manager for ZEISS Microscopy addressed the group about the history of ZEISS optics as a driving force behind scientific discovery, and Gavin Symonds, Product Manager for ZEISS Microscopy introduced the latest technology in advanced 3D imaging, the ZEISS Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM), LSM 800 with Airyscan. In addition, scientists and students were able to try out the LSM 800 for themselves in a dedicated workshop setting.


The Sydney workshops were made possible by Dr. Louise Cole from the Bosch Advanced Microscopy Facility.

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