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Susan Lai

Product Manager for Widefield Research, ZEISS Microscopy

As an intern, Susan got to know and value ZEISS as an employer during her studies in Rochester, New York. After completing her degree, she returned to the company at the ZEISS site in Thornwood, New York. In this interview, Susan tells us what brought her to Munich and what it's like working in Product Management at ZEISS – a job she's very proud of.

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Robert Brzezinski

Trainee Product Management, Surgical Ophthalmology

For as long as he can remember, Robert has been interested in anything to do with technology. He knew he wanted to break into the world of B2B after graduating with a Master’s degree in Marketing Management ...

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Carolin Schiele

Product Manager Ophthalmic Surgery Systems

After three years doing conceptual work as a management consultant, Carolin – a qualified electrical engineer – decided to make the switch to industry ...

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Sandrine Tea

Dr. Sandrine Tea

Product Manager, Vision Care

She never thought that one day she'd be working in the field of vision care: Sandrine studied chemistry in Paris and Lyon and has a Ph.D. from the University of Bayreuth ...

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Career Options at ZEISS Australia

Our vision to put people FIRST

At ZEISS Australia, we believe our employees are essential to our success - satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers. We count on the strength and commitment of our employees to develop and distribute products with technology that are new, innovative and pioneering in the fields of medical, scientific research, industry and consumer goods.

We offer excellent career opportunities for individuals who seek to become a part of the global organization. By offering attractive benefits and a stimulating work environment, we invite outstanding individuals with a dynamic disposition and the enthusiasm to work in a team environment to come join us. We will offer a competitive salary and remuneration package to match your experience and skills.

If you are ready to explore an opportunity to work in our ever-changing and challenging environment, explore your career opportunities:

Focusing on people

People are the lifeblood of ZEISS. For over 160 years, our employees’ passion to provide innovative product solutions and superior customer care has ensured our success in the markets we compete in. We understand that teamwork, dedication and commitment are critical ingredients for continued growth and we seek to attract and develop the best people we can.

This is precisely the reason why staff training is our number one workforce priority. The participation of around 10,000 employees a year in internal and external seminars testifies to this commitment. Locally, CZ ANZ conducts about 50 training sessions per year, a feat we are very proud of.

With training and success, come opportunities for advancement. We are proud to report that we have introduced more than 12 new roles over the past 12 months and that we have created over 30 new roles in the past 5 years. We are equally proud of the fact that some of our people are still with us after more than 30 years.

ZEISS International

International career opportunities

As a high-tech company and global technology leader, ZEISS offers exciting challenges and an international work environment. At the same time, ZEISS assumes particular responsibilities for its employees and society.


Entry level
Whether you’re looking for career orientation or pursuing apprenticeships or studies at the Cooperative State Universty, internships and comprehensive theses, graduate programs or direct entry:
Start your career with us.


Are you ready to take the next big step in your career? ZEISS offers many options in your pursuit of personal and professional development as we search for tomorrow’s technology.


ZEISS Locations

Across the Globe

Be it in Jena, Oberkochen, or Singapore – with sites in over 30 countries, we offer our employees many possibilities for advancement and interesting places to live.