Axio Scan.Z1

Your fast and reliable slide scanner for brightfield and fluorescence

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Axio Scan.Z1

Axio Scan.Z1

Simpler, Intelligent and Integrated Virtual Microscopy - Create Exceptional Images as Virtual Slides at High Speed

Axio Scan.Z1, the new automated microscope system from ZEISS, allows researchers to digitalise fixed tissue sections and cytologic specimens in brightfield and fluorescence at high speed.

Highly automated and simple to operate, Axio Scan.Z1 tackles the most demanding virtual microscopy research tasks as easily as it handles your routine work.

Thanks to the tray concept, Axio Scan.Z1 captures the entire specimen area of the microscope slide – including the edge, allowing you to view your specimens as high-quality virtual slides. Up to 100 microscope slides can be digitalised at a time.

For fluorescence applications, Axio Scan.Z1 can digitise up to nine parallel fluorescence channels. With three synchronised high-speed filter wheels for excitation, colour separation and emission can change channel in under 40 milliseconds. The system can also be used with the Colibri.2 UV-free LED light source.

Sensitive cameras, highly corrected optics and perfected light sources ensure exceptional image quality and short exposure times

The software module ZEN slidescan is designed specifically for the workflow of capturing virtual slides, while ZEN image analysis tools prepare your data accurately.

Kidney section, 4 μm, PAS

Mouse brain, 5 μm, cryo section, qDOT

Watch the below trailer to learn how you too can create high-quality, reliable and reproducible virtual slides.

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