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Media Contacts

Corporate Communications

Jörg Nitschke

Group Spokesman

joerg .nitschke @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-3242

Dagmar Ewert

Press and Public Relations

dagmar .ewert @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-3407

Silke Schmid

Research & Development, Innovation

silke .schmid @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-8034

Karin Gretz-Köhler

Financial Communications

karin .gretz -koehler @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-8034

Gudrun Vogel

Jena Site

gudrun .vogel @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 64-2770

Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology

Ilka Hauswald

Carl Zeiss SMT GmbH

ilka .hauswald @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-9231

Industrial Metrology

Martin Fischer

Carl Zeiss Industrielle Messtechnik GmbH

martin .fischer @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-2144


Dr. Jochen Tham

Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH

jochen .tham @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 64-3949

Medical Technology

Jann Gerrit Ohlendorf

Corporate Communications
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

jann .ohlendorf @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 220-331

Henriette Meyer

Investor Relations
Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

inve stors @meditec .zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 220-106

Vision Care

Joachim Kuss

Carl Zeiss Vision International GmbH

joachim .kuss @zeiss .com
Phone:+49 151 42112288

Camera Lenses

Tobias Brandstetter

Carl Zeiss AG

tobias .brandstetter @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-4694

Sports Optics

Dr. Ralph Nebe

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics GmbH

ralph .nebe @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 6441 404-748


Gudrun Vogel

Carl Zeiss AG

gudrun .vogel @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 3641 64-2770


Andreas Klavehn

Carl Zeiss AG

andreas .klavehn @zeiss .com
Phone: +49 7364 20-4978