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Innovations with vision and foresight

"Innovation has a long tradition at Carl Zeiss: it is in the company's genes. Optical technologies are key technologies
for our future. Their applications in industry and science will make increasing inroads into our everyday lives",
says Dr. Michael Kaschke, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss.

The company has stood for innovation for more than 160 years. The research and development teams work
intensively on constantly expanding the technology leadership. The ownership structure lays the foundation
for ensuring that investments in innovations can be made with vision and foresight.

Learn More About Innovation and Technology

Facts and Figures

The company generates about half its revenue with products not older than three years. For more facts and figures read the following.


The future is innovation

Three major factors safeguard the future success of Carl Zeiss.


Researchers and Innovators

As the pioneer of science in optics, Carl Zeiss continues to challenge the limits of man's imagination.


Promoting young scientists

As a leading company in optics, Carl Zeiss finds it particularly important to promote the education of up-and-coming scientists.



Optical technologies pave the way for many innovations in numerous industries. They are vital in a wide range of fields.


History of innovativeness

The history of the high-tech group of companies started back in 1846 with a trial and error approach to optical production.