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History of Carl Zeiss Australia

1857 While Carl Zeiss was busy making microscopes in Jena, Germany, another German family by the name of Dechert arrived in Australia to settle.
1920s The four sons in the Dechert family, established contact with Carl Zeiss Germany with a view of obtaining the ZEISS-Agency for the fifth continent. In partnership with E.C. Heyne, they formed the company E.C. Heyne Pty Ltd, as the ZEISS agent in Australia.
1939 Despite the death of Heyne, the business continued to flourish with the Dechert brothers at the helm.
WW II Activities were somewhat interrupted by World War II and following the war, while the Dechert brothers continued their good work, they found themselves 'exclusive' agents for two ZEISS companies: one from West Germany and the other from East Germany.
1950s In the mid-50s, Heiner Jaherling from Carl Zeiss West Germany was transferred to Sydney, Australia to join E.C. Heyne Pty Ltd.
1961 Carl Zeiss Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carl Zeiss Oberkochen was formed.
1963 Branch offices were established in Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.
The product range was extended by entry into the ophthalmic eyewear field, the establishment of the Survey and Photogrammetric Section, and the expansion of the Zeiss-Ikon agency (taken over from E.C. Heyne Pty Ltd).
1978 New Zealand Branch offices were established in Wellington and Christchurch.
1980 Shifted the Christchurch operations to a central New Zealand office in Auckland.
2002 Introduction of The Carl Zeiss Vision: The Bridge from the Present to the Future.
2003 Relocated our headquarters from Camperdown to North Ryde, NSW. Shifted from a branch office model to a home office model, which resulted in our closing of the Wellington, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide branch offices.
2005 Re-established a direct sales and service presence in Western Australia having moved to a partner model in 2000.

Carl Zeiss Australasia employs more than 80 staff members. Australian Branch offices are centralised within a newly expanded Sydney Head Office, supported by an Auckland based New Zealand office.

After 25 years, reentered the electron microscopy business directly.

Entered the surgical ophthalmology consumable business with the introduction of ZEISS intraocular lenses and viscoelastics.

History of Carl Zeiss

Corporate History

Overview over the history of Carl Zeiss since 1846.


Technical Milestones

Since the early days, Carl Zeiss has had a tradition as a pioneer in many areas of the optical industry.



A corporation is comprised of many subsidiaries that have their own histories.


Carl Zeiss Archives

The Carl Zeiss Archives contain original documents and instruments from the more than 150-year history of Carl Zeiss.


History of Locations

History of Carl Zeiss at different locations worldwide.


Historical Figures

Biographies and pictures of persons who worked for Carl Zeiss and who made important contributions to the modern world.


Search in the archives

You can find even more images, printed material and other documents on the Carl Zeiss Archives website (in German only).