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The moment you realize everything you work for improves the quality of life for people around the world.

This is the moment we work for.

Successful and responsible


The ZEISS brand

From your parents and your friends to the person sitting next to you on the airplane: Everybody knows Carl Zeiss and responds positively to the brand name. “Made by Zeiss” is not only a worldwide indication of high-precision workmanship and quality, but also a guarantee of innovative solutions. By working for Carl Zeiss, you are helping to develop an attractive global brand. Plus you get to experience all it has to offer every single working day.


Products that matter

Many people need more than just a good salary and friendly colleagues. They find themselves asking, “Does the work I do matter?”. At Carl Zeiss – a company that makes tremendously worthwhile products that save people's eyesight and make flying safer – the answer to this question is most definitely yes.

Market leader in many areas

80 percent of microchips worldwide are fabricated using ZEISS technology. That is just one example of the prominent role that the Carl Zeiss company plays in the promising markets of Industrial Solutions, Research Solutions, Medical Technology and Consumer Optics. Carl Zeiss offers you optimum conditions to build a successful career.

Responsibility toward society

By supporting social and cultural institutions and humanitarian projects and organizations, Carl Zeiss takes its social responsibilities seriously. Key areas of the company's social commitment include projects designed to get children and young people interested in science and technology, and cooperation with national and international universities.

Success creates solidarity

At Carl Zeiss, you can be proud of your own success and proud of the company as a whole. Carl Zeiss employees feel a close bond to their company thanks to its long history and groundbreaking innovations. This bond leads to a strong sense of belonging and solidarity which will quickly have you feeling like a true ‘Zeissian’!

Responsibilities towards employees

Carl Zeiss believes that it has a particular responsibility towards its employees. In addition to its extensive training and development programs, the company is also proud of its ability to provide its employees with attractive salaries, fringe benefits and pension plans.