The moment you discover a company that pushes the boundaries of physics – and you realize the chemistry is right, too.

This is the moment we work for.

Head and Heart


Highly qualified colleagues

In many areas of Carl Zeiss you will be working with some of the top experts in their field – and you will discover how innovative ideas are created at Carl Zeiss on a daily basis. This exciting and fascinating work environment provides the perfect base for your ongoing personal and professional development.


Work environment

The ZEISS brand is synonymous with innovative ideas, precision, and quality. Much of its success stems from the powerful combination of skill, know-how, motivation, and enthusiasm that Carl Zeiss employees inject into their projects – and the sheer enjoyment they get from working together. Carl Zeiss employees know that everyone at ZEISS gets the same opportunities.

Exciting challenges

You can find ZEISS products everywhere – from cine lenses in Hollywood and measuring machines in Formula One to eyeglasses for everyday use. As a premium provider and technology leader, Carl Zeiss offers exciting challenges in the development, production and marketing of ZEISS products.

Scope for creativity

Carl Zeiss offers plenty of scope to get creative with your daily work. It is the ability of Carl Zeiss employees to work independently that paves the way for groundbreaking ZEISS innovations.

Rich variety of tasks

Carl Zeiss draws on a wide range of disciplines including optics, electronics and mechanics to make its sophisticated high-tech products. Its broad product portfolio means that challenging new tasks, cross-divisional projects, and interdisciplinary teams are par for the course when you work at Carl Zeiss.

Work, family, and leisure time

Carl Zeiss supports its employees in finding a good balance among their work, family, and leisure time – for example by offering the opportunity to work from home or take advantage of flexible working hours.