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Do you like the idea of working on technologically groundbreaking products with the best minds in your field in a friendly and supportive atmosphere? We also offer excellent opportunities to advance your career, including the technical ladder in our research and development department and a wide range of career development options that are open to all our employees. Carl Zeiss employs people from a variety of professional backgrounds:


Numerous physicists work on groundbreaking developments at Carl Zeiss in the business groups and the corporate research department – and they are constantly pushing the boundaries of physics that little bit further.


From biologists in the field of microscopy to researchers and developers in our corporate research department, there is a tremendous array of remarkable opportunities for scientists to discover at Carl Zeiss.


Carl Zeiss files more than 300 patent applications a year. Our broad-based development work and portfolio of high-tech products means that challenging new tasks are par for the course for Carl Zeiss engineers.

Industrial engineers

If you are well versed in business, economics and technology, Carl Zeiss can offer you an exciting future in marketing, sales, service and many other areas.


Economists who work at Carl Zeiss have the satisfaction of being part of a globally successful company while working in an atmosphere of mutual respect – a positive work environment which says more about the company than dry statistics ever could.

Information engineers

Carl Zeiss offers exciting challenges to IT experts in the field of software development. IT is also one of the strategic foundations of our company's worldwide success across all the Carl Zeiss business groups.

Senior Professionals

Combine your experience as a Senior Professional with the experience of a globally successful company like Carl Zeiss and you can be sure that both sides will benefit.

Experts in optics/optoelectronics

Ernst Abbe played a key role in the history of Carl Zeiss – and we hope you will play a key role in our future. Experts in optics/optoelectronics can look forward to exciting challenges and excellent career prospects at Carl Zeiss.