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  • ZEISS at RANZCO 2013

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ZEISS at RANZCO National Congress 2013

Keeping abreast of the latest market development and state-of-the-art innovations is becoming more and more essential for eye care professionals. In order to provide you with some valuable insights, we would like to invite you to learn more about ZEISS at RANZCO National Congress 2013, held in Hobart from 2 - 6 November 2013.

Booth Located #34 - 37

At booth #34 - 37, you can see for yourself how ZEISS is driving the development of leading-edge technology and making it available for routine applications. Learn how breadth of our product portfolio allows sample, uninterrupted services tailored to your practice requirement complement our offerings and help you to be more successful.

Experience the moment when innovation and passion lead to the best vision for your patient and feel how partnering with ZEISS can make a difference to your practice.

We look forward to see you at the show!

Your ZEISS Team.

Ophthalmic Systems


The CIRRUSTM HD-OCT 5000 features the latest cutting-edge technology whilst retaining the robust analysis of the CIRRUS 4000. The CIRRUS 5000 boasts the latest hardware and also new clinical features such as FastTracTM.

FastTracTMlive eye tracking - The FastTrac retinal tracking system locks onto the patient’s retina to negate eye movements and blinks whilst enabling the tracking of the current scan to the position of the one prior. FastTrac copes so well with eye movements because it is based upon the CIRRUS Line Scanning Ophthalmoscope (LSO) which has an ultra-fast refresh rate of 20 scans per second.

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CIRRUS photo

The CIRRUSTM photo combines trusted CIRRUS OCT technology with traditional fundus imaging. It comes in two models, which only differ in their fundus imaging capabilities:

CIRRUS photo 600 – this model features a colour fundus camera as well as fundus auto fluorescence. CIRRUS photo 800 – this model additionally features fluorescein angiography and ICG angiography.

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FORUM Glaucoma Workplace

FORUM® Glaucoma Workplace is new software that serves two purposes. Humphrey® Field Analyser (HFA) review software – Glaucoma Workplace gives you access to interactive HFA reports on the PC at your desk. This enables you to easily scroll through individual tests and manipulate Guided Progression analysis (GPA™) reports. Combined Reports – this feature allows you to take raw data from both the HFA and a CIRRUS OCT and combine them to

produce a structure/function report based on the work of Garway-Heath et al1. The report features an overlay that shows you if defects in the RNFL or ganglion cell analysis correspond to the visual field.

 1. Garway-Heath DF, Poinoosawmy D, Fitzke FW, Hitchings RA. Mapping the visual field to the optic disc in normal tension glaucoma eyes. Ophthalmology. 2000;107:1809–1815

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Surgical Ophthalmology

VISALIS S500 (Flexibility for cataract surgery)

In addition to unsurpassed reliability and patient safety, VISALIS® S500 offers tremendous utilisation flexibility in the OR with its dual peristaltic / venturi pump and vitrectomy upgrade capability.

VISALIS S500 offers you:

  • Excellent integration into the OR workflow
  • Easy-to-read, high-resolution touchscreen display
  • Support of coaxial MICS techniques
  • Individual surgical techniques thanks to advanced dual peristaltic / venturi
  • Independent control of aspiration and phaco power via the dual linear
    foot pedal
  • Vitrectomy upgrade that you can add at any time

AT LISA tri 839MP Trifocal and 939 MP Trifocal Toric for real intermediate vision and reliable astigmatic correction

Patients who consult you for cataract or presbyopia treatment are becoming increasingly more demanding regarding the outcome of the surgical procedure. They expect surgery to provide them with a quality of vision which equals what they enjoyed before the aging process of their eyes stated. Patients want to lead an active life without being troubled by spectacles.

The preloaded trifocal AT LISA® tri 839 MP and the AT LISA Trifocal toric 939MP has the capacity to provide your patients with excellent functional vision, not only at near and far but also as intermediate distances. It gives your patients the best chance of living an active without glasses.

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CALLISTO eye® ASSISTANCE helps you achieve the results you want and patients expect. Graphical overlays on the video image visually guide you during the LRI and incision, capsulorhexis and lens alignment portions of the cataract surgery.

When used in combination with the IDIS integrated data injection system, these same overlays appear superimposed in the eyepieces of the OPMI® LUMERA® 700 surgical microscope; helping you achieve maximal precision and performance during surgery without having to look away from the surgical field.

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