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  • Australia's First ORION NanoFab

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Australia's First ORION NanoFab

Queensland researchers are using ion beam microscopy techniques to make solar power cheaper and more efficient (as featured on Channel 7).

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ZEISS Australia was delighted install the country’s first ORION NanoFab microscope at The University of Technology Queensland recently. 

The ORION NanoFab is a multi-ion beam platform capable of precise and controlled nanofabrication at the sub 10 nm scale. It provides a unique combination of high-resolution imaging with a range from micro to nano machining.

Researchers at QUT are using this technology to develop renewable energy resources. They aim to make solar energy more accessible, efficient and cheaper with the creation of solar cells. These cells are much smaller than traditional solar panels and could be used throughout Australia and indeed the developing world to power batteries, mobile phones and other everyday items.

ZEISS are delighted to be part of this ground-breaking research.