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Planar T* 3,5/100 CFi

 Planar T* 3,5/100 CFi

Planar T* 3,5/100 CFi

The distortion-free, high-performance lens

  • Distortion free, perfect perspective images
  • Extremely even definition throughout entire image field, even at full aperture
  • Ideal for aerial photography, architecture, product and journalism.

The Planar® T* 3,5/100 CFi lens is a very special lens. It is not just a standard Planar lens with 25% more focal length. It is optimized to deliver virtually zero distortion and at the same time extremely well defined image details – sharpness – over the entire frame, and all this even at full aperture. A lens with this quality could only be developed with Carl Zeiss' extensive experience in microdocumentation and aerial mapping and surveying. So the Planar T* 3,5/100 CFi lens is the first choice in optics for all photographers who combine a Hasselblad camera and a recent high resolution film for demanding aerial photography with its fast shutter speeds and hence wide open apertures. The Planar T* 3,5/100 CFi lens is also an indispensible tool for all applications which require an exact reproduction of the geometry of the subject.
It is, therefore, recommended as a standard optical tool for photography where the demands for detail recognition from corner to corner are extremely high, such as architectural work, aerial surveying, documentation, industrial and scientific photography. For reproducing valuable paintings and similar artwork with sizes larger than one square meter, the Planar T* 3,5/100 CFi lens should be the no. 1 lens choice. (For artwork sizes smaller than one square meter, the Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 4/120 CFi lens or the Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 5,6/135 CF lens with Hasselblad automatic bellows extension is the lens of choice.) Every Hasselblad photographer who is really serious about sharpness can't do without this lens!
Preferred use: architecture, documentation, and reproduction with no distortion, large products with important small details, general industrial, aerials shot wide open, digital photography.


Focal length 101.3 mm
Aperture range f/3.5 - f/22
Angular field (hor./vert./diag.) 31°/31°/42°
Focusing range (from film plane) 0.9 m - ∞
Working range (from front end) 0.7 m
Number of elements/groups 5/4
Image ratio at closest range 1 : 6.9
Negative-size 55 x 55 mm
Coverage at close range 380 mm x 380 mm
Camera mount CFi
Filter connection bayonett, series 60
Dimensions Ø 73.7 mm, length 58.7 mm
Weight 600 g

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